25 January 2007

The Workin' Woman...

Thought I might share some photos of me "hard" at work. As I am sure the questions has been asked: "what does she do all day?". Have no fear...the pictures are here!


Awwww. staging the fins for the bomb build-up! Me tagging along for a very "unapproved" ride on the pallet jack!


Working on the grinder...with my safety gear on!

In case you were wondering why I might be single...it is the great clothes I get to wear at work! They leave more than enough to the imagination! But comfort is key!


Me and my boy on a training missile (have no fear...it is inert!)

My baby girl was taking the self defense class and me and E had to go close up the buildings at my job. So we had a photo-op!

And last but not least... a much needed break!


AVIDINHA said...

wow you must have some great coworkers! and whoever took those pictures has a great camera! work wouldn't be as, well, as anything without you.

Susie said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you at work. What branch of service are you in??

Owens Family Adventures said...

You gorgeous creature you!!!!!
love ya much my friend!
p.s. you comin' to Korea to visit me any time soon??