05 January 2007

UGHHHH...the only word I can find!

Okay, now we all know I love my babies! Every inch of them! They are amazing, however!, yes, however!, my little man is suffering from what I could call nothing less than a very very bad week! We are talking serious tantrums here, and I am suffering from some very "bad mommy" moments! I know it is not only me, because it seems that he is having a hard time of it at school as well. Pulling one girls hair, and having a tantrum about something else. Last night was in itself TORTURE!!!! He was mad about not getting to watch a movie (it was 9 o'clock) and then took it into the bedroom. At which point he threw a fit about not being able to read a book and tore the cover off of it. I tried to do the "ignore it" approach...this didn't work. I turned off the lights, and laid in bed as though all were perfectly normal. Little man decided at this point to scream uncontrollably, and try to hit me numerous times. "I WANT TO READ THE ANIMAL BOOK" was what he said at least 50 times at the top of his lungs! When I could take it no more (45 minutes later) I put him in the hall and shut and locked my door. Of course this is bad in itself but much better than me losing my temper completely! Then he yelled he was scared over and over, but when I would go to ask him if he was done he would tell me "NO" and continue screaming about the book until I shut the door then it would be on to being scared again! UUUUUGGGGHHHH! At some poing (about 10:30) he finally said he was done...and then fell asleep doing the hickup thing that is so heartbreaking! I know I will have great stories to tell over the weekend. But PLEASE say prayers for me to have patience with him and to handle it the best way for him and me!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Sonja and Anthonie broke up yesterday...the dad seriously threatened to disown her this time..she can date anyone but someone of the black race...I say you and I chuck the parenting thing, grab Treasa and go to Donna's for some wiskey sours!!!Hang in there my friend! You did the right thing by just going far away and locking yourself in..which I find pretty darn funny by the way!! heehee You Rock!!