10 January 2007

Old Age?

Who's old? Not me! Uh-Oh! Maybe I am juSt not accepting it? Explain? Okay! (How short do you think I can keep the sentences and you still understand what I am saying?)...Okay! Well you all know I am poor! Yep I am, but very rich in the Blessings department! Unfortunately, God has yet to see to it that I get my hair done...probably has to do with loving me just the way I am...I choose to like me better with a little touch up here and there! My hair is GREY! Yep, each time the color grows out, there are more strands of grey! One of these times I am gonna get it colored and it is gonna grow out white... You are asking why this is important! Well, other than my own personal and selfish reasons, I am sure it isn't! I just really wanted to share...and this was the best route for that! Can I blame it on the fact that my children are driving me CRAZY!!! Elijah is 3...much worse than 2! Whoever said terrible 2's was definately not the parent of a 3 year old. Add to that the fact that he has better grammar than I do and you have a battle on your hands! Awww so cute and sweet, and then BAM! I know I will make it through, I don't doubt it! However, going back to the grey hair thing...I am thinking it will only get worse this year! Maybe I need to speed up that "finding a man" thing! That way I have them locked in before I am too ugly, and you know once they love you they can see past that other stuff (like grey hair!)
Enough rambling for today...smile for me, I am!

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