27 January 2007

Day at the Races!

We got to go to Jacobs Cub Scout Races today...it was fun! He was very proud of his car...and it was really cool! Here are just a couple of pictures!
Elijah being cute as can be!

Me and my NaNa banana...where does she get her pretty looks?

The middle one is Jacob's awesome Derby car...

Jacob and Treasa!! What a good mama...and yes the chocolate donut was a must!

Start your engines...

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Susie said...

Hi Bekah,
Loved seeing the photos of the Pinewood Derby. It brought back such memories of thirty years ago when my own son was in Cub Scouts. He actually won the race one year and was so thrilled!
He went on to become an Eagle Scout and is now 38 yrs old..