17 January 2007

Counting my Blessings!

Okay, so little man is still feeling sick! He was tired and just kind of "limp" this morning. No fever, very little cough...I thought he was well enough to go to school. He hadn't had a fever, the x-ray said no pneumonia. and he was up and at 'em last night as though he had never even been sick! So I didn't think I was too far off taking him in this morning. However, once I got to work I decided to give him a few minutes to wake up and then call the daycare to check on him. Cause' I know that I can't stand it when people take their sick babies to school...okay so we can't all afford to miss work...understood...I just feel bad when they are there! So after being at work about 30 minutes I called the daycare and checked on him...now mind you this was at 7a.m. Apparently he was still sitting in the spot where I had left him at 6, and was in no mood to be at school. So I filled out a leave slip... that's military for asking you boss if you can have the day off... and went to get him! He looked so pathetic, hanging in his teachers arms with his head buried in her neck. I felt horrible for having taken him in the first place...though I am a single mom, AND I only have today left of sick leave then it is Leave without pay...anyway i scooped him up and brought him home. Planning on cuddeling and spoiling him. In other words, loving him back to feeling better!!! Now after all of this, here I sit at 10:52 a.m. and my "very sick" child is riding his bike through the living room, watching a movie (Fox and the Hound 2) and he has been in timeout 3 times already since I picked him up!!! I think he had us all fooled! He knows the best way to get everyones sympathy, and get to be just where he wants to be- as he calls a day at home with mommy- "a hangout with mommy day"... Now I am looking at the situation, and I am thinking "find the blessing" and I will...I will be thankful to God for this time with my little man...maybe even get some stuff done around the house...and appreciate it that I am not working in this cold, wet weather...
If you get a chance...no make the chance...to be thankful today...in every situation there is a blessing!!!!

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Susie said...

There truly are blessings to be found in every day things.
May your day be filled with blessings Bekah!
Hope your little feels "better" soon! :)