19 December 2006

Pinch of Peace by Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Pinch of Peace

Dear God,
Tonight my prayers are for the world.
We have to stop this fighting.
We have to stop the wars.
People need to lay down their weapons,
And find peace in their hearts.
People need to stop arguing and hating.
People need to notice the good things.
People need to remember You, God.
Maybe You could come and
Shoot a little bow-and-arrow pinch
Into all the angry peoples' hearts, God.
Then they would feel You again.
And then they would realize what
They are doing and how horrible the
Killing and hating and fighting is.
And they might even begin to pray.
Then, they could reach in, and
Pull the little bow-and-arrow pinch
Out of their hearts and feel good
And be loving and living people again.
And then,
The world would be at peace, and
The children would be safe, and
The people would be happy, and
We could all say "thank You" together.

Through the eyes of a child who believed until he died that God can make the world a greater place. Don't forget what we are celebrating on Christmas day. Even Elijah can tell you that he will be opening presents for Jesus's birthday...Love you all, and merry CHRISTmas!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Merry Christmas girl!!! Do you remember your party last year??!!! I had a blast and I thought about you much last night. Have a wonderful day with the babies!!!
love ya