19 December 2006

Just got this picture...it's from family day and has a story!

Okay, you will see this very cute picture is of me and the greatest babies ever!!! Elijah...Bless His Heart (you know you can say anything bad about someone and as long as you say Bless His/Her Heart it is okay...for example: "She has the ugliest teeth, Bless Her Heart". See how that works! So anyway...Elijah, Bless His Heart, was really enjoying his blue cotton candy when we got to the picture area and they asked if I wanted to wash his face, and I thought about it...but you know, that is my boy, so I told them as long as it was in the picture...it would be more real! So...that is why my babies have blue teeth and Elijah has a blue face! He loved the cotton candy until he got to the candy canes then he said he didn't like it and threw it away! Love you all!

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