02 October 2006

Whenever I am leaving for a TDY, and know that I am going to be away from my babies for a while, there are lots of things that go through my mind. Things I try to store, like the smell of their skin, or the smell of Elijah's breath as he falls asleep with his face against mine. There is the way Bri pulls away when I go to rub her head, or how when I ask her about her day when I pick her up she doesn't say anything, but will talk for 45 minutes while going to bed about all that did actually happen. I will store away the eyes of my baby girl that are just like her daddy's and the way she floats rather than walks. I will store the way she hides her eyes when she is embarrassed or unsure of what she is saying. I will remember how Elijah will say a sentence over and over in bits and pieces before he gets all of it out exactly the way he wants it to be said. I will mostly remember their smell, and it is the thought of that that will carry me to sleep at night, and put tears in my eyes when I miss them most. I will wake up missing the way Elijah wraps his arms around my neck when he doesn't want me to get out of bed yet, and remember the way Bri covers her head in hopes that I will forget she needs to get up if I can't see her...
I am aware that it is only 3 weeks, but I miss my babies everyday that I go to work, so 3 weeks can be an eternity. Even though I have gone often, it doesn't ever get any easier... I will get to sleep more, eat when I want, and stay awake late if I want, and that will all be a "break", one that I will take full advantage of, but it will only be time to pass before I am home with my babies again!


Owens Family Adventures said...

He is just beautiful! Who has them while you are gone?? Grandma?? I love ya girl!! Keep in touch while you are on TDY!!

Treasa said...

Girl, grandma has to wait in line (hehe)...actually, grandma is OOT and will have Bri the next two weeks. I will have Eli for most of the time. Although a challange to have 4 children it's a JOY to care for them in her stead!!!