26 October 2006

What we've been up too...

Well, usually I jsut post a couple of pictures, but I have sooo much to say. Hard to believe isn't it? We have been getting reaquainted since my return from Vegas, and the adventures have been fun! As well as going to the haunted house we got Elijah's costume which is Elmo. He is gonna be so cute! Bri is going to be Pippi Longstocking (I have been trying for years!), and I, being the craftiest person ever (NOT) am gonna make this costume all by myself! We'll see how that goes. Hopefully her good looks will pull her through. As for me, I am going to dress up as, guess, yep! A MOM!!! This is very difficult for me and I will be sure to include pictures so you can see if I did a good job or not... So far no TDY's are planned for the forseeable future, our unit is going to Iraq next year, but, if all goes well I will be in 7 level school at that time in Witchita falls, and I won't have to go. Say lots of prayers! Bri's Tea Party is coming up on the 17th of November. This years theme will be "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"! This will be a good one, as Treasa and I will be dressing like good ol' Cindy herself, and the girls that come are supposed to be dressing as their favorite pop star. I will definately be posting lots of pictures! I don't think it will be the same without Dawn, but we will do it up in her honor... T-bone is growing, well, maybe he is actually grown! He is maturing, yeah that's it, maturing! He is still psycho, but funny too! He likes to sleep under the covers at the foot of the bed, so he crawls down there and we don't see anymore of him until morning! He is funny! I told Elijah I had to get to work this morning that if I were late I would get in trouble, well he told me "I will beat them up if they get mad at you", I told him that they were allowed to get mad at me if I am late, and he said "oh, well then I'll beat them up anyway". Yesterday he told us that he is going to beat up all the malicious monsters. Yes he actually said malicious. I had to explain to Bri what the word meant, and since Elijah used it in the right context we just assume that his intelligent self knows exactly what it means! I have the best babies ever!!! Love and Miss you all!

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