22 October 2006

Okay, here goes the best story I got! Yesterday I came home from Vegas, and I got to see my babies! Yes it was an awesome moment! So first there will be pics of my babies!! Then, since Bri has decided (had?) that she was big enough for a haunted house, but only if Chantell would go (cause she is older...) we went to Kemah today. Now this was gonna be HUGE so I took pictures every five minutes and we stood in line for over an hour... Then it was time... only as soon as we got in the door they freaked out, on our way to the next room I realized they were both CRYING!! SO, we left, and I gave them such a hard time, but it was all fun! Bri said not again until she is 16 and Chantell said 25!!!! It was so funny! Elijah rode the train and the carousel (a zebra and all by himself) and had a great time! It was a great way to start our time together again! Love you all!

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