27 September 2006

Now you all know my son, he has a tendancy to crack me up. Well he has this girlfriend named Avery, and he really likes her a LOT! He tells everyone about his "Girlfriend", so the other day I asked him how school was and first he tells me he got his name on the board (of course this is because Jacob says it, not because they actually do this in his class and then tells me that he and Avery "Broked" up. I asked why, I couldn't believe that any girl could have the audacisty to mess with my baby! And he commenced to tell me that she was a frog, and that frogs bite people and eat whole buildings...this story went on for quite some time, and then he said "Mommy, are you a frog?", I said "no baby I am not" (thinking that I may very well be and just don't know it yet!), and he said "good cause' I don't want to broked up with you too..." AAAHHH the fun never ends!!!


Owens Family Adventures said...

That is just tooo precious! He has a good head on his shoulders to weed out all the frogs! hahahahahaha Kareem and I had a good laugh over that one at 6:22 AM!
love ya girl!

iwill said...

i, i don't want no frog
a frog is a girl left me in a fog
hopping all over me
hangin on the playground at school,
actin' all cruel
bitin' whole buildings and me.

iwill said...

as sung to "scrub" by TLC